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Small Power Transformers


2.0 MVA 13.8kVA – 600Y/347V
Small Power Transformer


We offer a full range of small power transformers for the utility and industrial/commercial market up to 30 MVA base rating and 69kV class. for some applications, larger units can come with mitred stacked cores for rectangular or circular coils. the units can be supplied with top or wall mounted bushings or with throats or junction boxes. these units comply with CSA C2, CSA C88 and ANSI C57. typical options and accessories are:

  • tap changer for de-energized operation
  • on load tap changers
  • multiple voltage arrangements
  • fan cooling or provision for fan cooling
  • current transformers
  • neutral grounding resistor
  • external core ground
  • special pressure relief devices
  • lightning arresters
  • 55/65 C temperature rise
  • silicone or R-temp filled