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Pad Mount Transformers

1500 kVA 24.94 kV Grd Y – 600Y/347V
Dead Front Radial Feed



We manufacture three phase fully tamper proof pad-mounted transformers in the range of 75 kVA to 10 mVA with top voltages of 46kv voltage class. The units can be designed for radial or loop-feed applications, in live-front or dead-front execution. when fuses are required we provide a hinged hatch above the fuses to reduce the tank height to a minimum. all units comply with CSA-C227 and ANSI C57. the following options are available:

  • draw-out expulsion fuses
  • full range of current limiting fuses
  • bay-o-net fuses
  • single or two fuse systems
  • load break HV bushing inserts
  • dual voltage switch
  • tap switch
  • load break switch/switches
  • various gauges
  • 55/65 degree C temperature rise