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Network Transformers

750 kVA 12kV-480Y/277V
Network Transformer


Pioneer Transformers manufactures subway and vault-type network transformers up to 3.75 mVA as per ANSI standard C57.12.40 and CSA C199. Fifty years of core and coil design result in a strong, rigidly braced unit that will withstand the most severe short circuit conditions.

The high voltage terminal chamber, which is separate from the transformer tank, allows a variety of high-voltage cable terminations like: wipping sleeves, stuffing boxes, pot heads and apparatus bushings The high-voltage switch chamber, which is also separate from the transformer tank, contains a three pole, two-position or three position switch. the switch can be of the “mag-break” type for for fast interruption of the exciting current. A variety of accessories are available in order to match customer specifications.