Our businesses provide a range of products and services to the electrical transmission and distribution industry and our focus is on the electric utility, industrial, commercial and wind energy market segments.

Pioneer Transformers Ltd. manufactures liquid-filled electrical transformers in power ranges from 25 kVA (kilovolt amperes) to 30 MVA (megavolt amperes) and at up to 69 kV (kilovolts) in voltage.

Pioneer Dry Type Transformer Group manufactures dry-type distribution transformers for commercial and industrial power applications. Our group is led by Jefferson Electric, Inc., which manufactures and distributes high quality transformers, typically in the 15 kVa through 1 mVA size range and up to 10 mVA in medium voltage classes.
    Our distribution network in Canada, Bemag Transformer Inc. markets low and medium voltage dry-type transformers for standard and custom applications.
    Harmonics Limited LLC developed patented technology that eliminates the formation of the damaging 3rd harmonic current generated by non-linear computer loads in today’s commercial and industrial facilities. 
    A natural outgrowth of our capabilities is our Medium Voltage segment. With a new focus on serving customers with needs of larger kVAs, we have developed a full line of products to meet these needs.

Pioneer Critical Power Inc. designs and manufactures highly specified and engineered paralleling switchgear and engine generator controls under the PSSI brand for the last 15 years.

Pioneer Custom Electrical Products is a supplier of highly specified and engineered paralleling switchgear for the electrical power generation industry.